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We’re passionate about mushrooms.

Our passion for the outdoors combined with an epicurean obsession resulted in creating Terrafunga; a farm dedicated to growing the highest quality gourmet mushrooms using organic practices and minimizing our impact on the environment. Grown outdoors in the mountains of Vermont, you’ll come to love their rich, wholesome and earthy flavor. See our story

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Shells in creamy asparagus, mushroom, spinach sauce

A wonderful spring dish featuring spring veggies courtesy of Gourmet Today

Shells w/ asparagus, spinach and mushrooms

Mushroom Korma

Korma is a mild stew that combines elements of Indian and Persian cuisine. Though typically made with meat and yogurt, this version uses mushrooms and coconut milk instead.

Mushroom korma
  • Maitake Bars |


    Chewy granola bars featuring caramelized maitake mushrooms.