Out of Darkness, Bright New Flavor

Black trumpets

Wonderful NYT article from 2002 about Black Trumpets. Great recipes at the end! About Black trumpets courtesy of the New York Times

Mushroom ragout over creamy polenta

Mushroom ragout over polenta

Some say polenta is the precursor to bread, one of the earliest and simplest forms of food. Ancient grains such as millet and spelt were originally used to make polenta, followed by farro, barley and buckwheat that were used predominantly until the mid 16thcentury when explorers returned with maize from the New World. Modern polenta,. Continue Reading >

Food trends 2016

Like fashion, culinary trends reinvent themselves every few years with must haves, new creations and modern versions of old staples. What was once hot (say, coconut water) has fallen by the wayside, foods that were considered waste (carrot tops) are now the darlings of “root-to-stem” chefs, and ethnic foods with their rich colors and flavors. Continue Reading >

Pairing Wines with Mushrooms


Below is great expert advice from David Williams of The Guardian describing wines that pair well with wild mushrooms.   Wines that work with mushrooms

Lion’s Mane – For your health and taste buds

Lion's mane

Lion’s Mane – Hericium erinaceus is a fascinating mushroom that goes by a lot of common names including monkey’s head, sheep’s head and bearded tooth.  In Japan it is called yamabushitake, loosely translated as “those who sleep in the mountains”, named after the Yamabushi monks who live high in the Omine mountain range.  Lion’s mane can be. Continue Reading >


2015 trends

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As 2015 begins, full of hope and excitement for most of us, I am always intrigued by what upcoming food trends will be the rage in the New Year, what fad will simply disappear and where the culinary imagination of Master Chefs will take us. Here is a brief summary of what. Continue Reading >

Mushrooms: Natural Source of Vitamin D

During the winter, many of us living in Northern climes have shorter days and less exposure to sunlight meaning a decreased ability to manufacture our own Vitamin D.  Vitamin D plays an important role in our well-being; essential for healthy bone growth, neuromuscular and immune functions, as well as reduction of inflammations and prevention of. Continue Reading >

BLENDABILITY: Adding mushrooms to ground meat makes a healthier meal

There’s a new buzz word in the nutrition world: Blendability.  It is essentially a process in which cooked, chopped mushrooms are added to meats to make meals healthier by lowering calories, sodium and saturated fats without sacrificing taste. Adding mushrooms also provides some important nutrients such as Vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and potassium. In. Continue Reading >