Out of Darkness, Bright New Flavor

Black trumpets

Wonderful NYT article from 2002 about Black Trumpets. Great recipes at the end! About Black trumpets courtesy of the New York Times

Chanterelles: Where to find them, how to cook them


Following a discouraging morel season earlier this spring, many of us in the Northeast left our disappointment behind looking optimistically towards the bountiful chanterelle season ahead.  Although Vermont had one of the rainiest Junes on record forcing many to hold outdoor events indoors, mycophiles relished at the fact that the inclement weather would result in. Continue Reading >

Mushroom foraging 101

Timothy July 2014

After a dry spring in the Northeast that resulted in a disappointing morel harvest, mushroom foraging season is finally upon us.  The steady rains in June combined with early sightings of chicken of the woods, king boletes and chanterelles have gotten mushroom hunters excited to get into the woods to pick their first harvest.  Whether. Continue Reading >

Pre-Season Scouting: Finding key mushroom spots

Timothy July 2014

With the temperatures slowly warming up and the snow finally starting to melt, it can only mean that mushroom picking season is just around the corner! Much like athletes that train for their upcoming sport seasons, mushroom foragers can get a head start by reviewing notes from last year’s mushroom hunts, scouting for probable picking. Continue Reading >