Protect your pets from poisonous mushrooms


With multiple news outlets reporting that several people have been poisoned by Death Cap mushrooms in recent weeks and the proliferation of other toxic wild mushrooms, the ASPCA has put out a nice article on the subject. Recognizing the symptoms of mushroom poisoning in pets is important. The varieties mentioned in the article are prevalent. Continue Reading >

Mushrooms keep breast cancer at bay

Terrafunga shiitake mushrooms

In a recent Daily Mail article entitled “What to eat to beat breast cancer: green tea, mushrooms and an occasional glass of wine can stave off deadly illness”, mushrooms were highlighted as a super food to keep breast cancer at bay. Read article here

Food trends 2016

Like fashion, culinary trends reinvent themselves every few years with must haves, new creations and modern versions of old staples. What was once hot (say, coconut water) has fallen by the wayside, foods that were considered waste (carrot tops) are now the darlings of “root-to-stem” chefs, and ethnic foods with their rich colors and flavors. Continue Reading >

Rare sugar in mushrooms prevent melanoma

Recent research out of Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) shows promising results in preventing and combating skin cancer.  A new study links L-fucose (a rare sugar found in mushrooms and other foods) to melanoma for the first time. Scientists have shown that by interfering with the metabolism of L-flucose, they could prevent the spread of. Continue Reading >

Tradd Cotter on Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Key to creating custom antibodies

courtesy British Mycological Society

The wonder of the mushroom continues to amaze us all.  Fungi are used in innumerable ways from environmental remediation to insulation, from natural packaging to plastic alternatives, from home décor to furniture; their applications are endless.  Whereas mushrooms are revered for their distinctive gastronomic flavor it is their health benefit that attracts the most attention. . Continue Reading >

Patent issued for dermal application of Turkey Tail extract

turkey tail

A US patent was recently awarded to Michael Bishop et al for the method by which Coriolus versicolor  extract is used to create a topical application that reduces and/or inhibits skin inflammation.  The application could be formulated in the future as a toner, face cream, shampoo, eye cream or serum that could be applied directly to the skin. For. Continue Reading >

Vaccinations via mushroom spores may be in our future


Fast Company had an interesting article describing Royal College of Art student Celine Park’s concept of inhaling vaccines using fungi. The idea is to inject attenuated vaccines into mushrooms then inhaling its spores.  Far from having been tested in trials or been perfected, the idea is still very interesting for those fearing needles. Fast Company. Continue Reading >

Could a Mushroom extract cure HPV?


A small clinical study performed on humans infected with HPV (human papillomavirus) concluded that the virus could be eradicated with a supplement made using mushroom extracts. AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) appears to be a mixture of  Basidiomycete mushrooms that include shiitakes and boletes. Healthline – In first human trial, mushroom extract cures HPV infections HPV eradicated. Continue Reading >

Lion’s Mane – For your health and taste buds

Lion's mane

Lion’s Mane – Hericium erinaceus is a fascinating mushroom that goes by a lot of common names including monkey’s head, sheep’s head and bearded tooth.  In Japan it is called yamabushitake, loosely translated as “those who sleep in the mountains”, named after the Yamabushi monks who live high in the Omine mountain range.  Lion’s mane can be. Continue Reading >