After spending all of our post college life in Massachusetts raising four children, working in the Boston area and participating in our local community, we decided it was time to pursue a life-long dream of starting a business together.  We spent many months brainstorming what type of enterprise we wanted to develop that combined our passions and skills and allowed us to simplify and enrich our lives.  After reading an interesting article about the positive impact mushrooms have on our health and the growing demand for exotic mushrooms in both the gourmet and medicinal industries, we decided that a mushroom farm would be the way to go.

We acquired a 15± acre parcel of land in Jamaica, VT in 2012 and began preparing the land for Terrafunga, our new outdoor mushroom growing operation.  Pip quickly developed a knack for all farm equipment, with a particular obsession for the excavator! Areas were cleared, trees pruned, soils tilled, fields planted, wells dug, logs ordered, barns raised and work areas defined.  I worked on the business plan, sourced products for the website, researched suppliers and end users, fine-tuned recipes and made preparations for the family move to Vermont.


Pip spent much of his childhood weekends in Jamaica, VT enjoying the beautiful surroundings with family and friends. He is a true outdoorsman; a passionate telemark skier, an enthusiastic fisherman, an experienced mushroom forager who has a tremendous appreciation for nature and its bounty.  I grew up skiing and hiking in the mountains of Europe and gathered mushrooms in my native Sweden and France.  I developed an affinity for these tasty fungi early on and now use my passion for baking and cooking to create mushroom recipes that are both simple and delicious.

We are excited about the adventures ahead and look forward to sharing our knowledge, products and our organically grown, exotic mushrooms with you.

Pip and Olivia

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