French Herb Blend

This classic herb mix, that is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine, comes wrapped in a cheerful Provence pattern bag.  A great gift for any cook, the blend of marjoram, rosemary, basil, savory and thyme will add great flavor and aromas to almost any dish. This traditional blend comes from the Moulin la Brague, a family-owned oil mill in Opio, a small village located between the mountains and the sea in the South of France.

Note that each bag is made of a different Provence fabric pattern and may be different from what is pictured.

Did you know… Marjoram (an herb in the oregano family) was referred to as the “Joy of the Mountains” by the Greeks and celebrated throughout the Mediterranean for its flavor, fragrance and medicinal values.  If wild marjoram grew on a grave, it was thought to bring happiness to the departed.  Both the Greeks and Romans adorned young couples with a marjoram crown and in ancient Egypt, the herb was offered upon altars to the Egyptian deities.

Marjoram is an important ingredient in the French Herbes de Provence and its Middle Eastern counterpart, Za’atar. It has many health benefits including its use as a digestive aid, its ability to improve cardiovascular health, its anti-inflammatory effects, its emotional and neurological benefits its effect as an antiseptic.

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Herbes de Provence (Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme, Basil and Savory), 6” x 4” linen pouch, 5.3 oz. Note that each bag is made of a different Provence fabric pattern and may be different from what is pictured.

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