Mushroom Brush

Most fresh mushrooms absorb liquid rapidly which is why it is best  not to soak them in liquid or clean them under running water.  A good brush will remove soil and most forest debris without damaging the mushroom in the effort.  The design of our Swedish brush is ideal  for cleaning mushrooms due to its long and narrow shape which helps get into all of the fungi’s nooks and crannies. These brushes make a wonderful gift on their own and enhanced when presented with a bag of dehydrated exotic mushrooms.

Did you know…These brushes are handmade by visually impaired craftsmen in a small binding factory near Stockholm, Sweden using the same technique as when the company first opened in the late 19th century.  The brushes are made from natural material including bristles made of tampico (fibers from the Agave plant) and bassine (fibers from the Sago palm), bound by natural fibers and attached to an ash handle.

Watch this inspiring video to see how these talented, visually impaired craftsmen make some of the company’s brushes.

 As a 1% for the Planet member, Terrafunga will donate a portion of your purchase to environmental organizations worldwide.




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6.25" long


Ash handle, tampico and bassine natural bristles. Made in Sweden.

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