Organic Spice Blends

100% organic spices will complete your cooking experience by adding authentic flavors from around the world.  Hand blended in Vermont and packaged in reusable tins, these incomparable spice mixes will enhance any dish, filling your kitchen with mouth-water aromas.

  • Bristish Curry: A proper 19th Century British curry has both curry powder and curry paste as ingredients.  This blend combines these elements together for a classic flavor. Use it by itself or combine with a bit of vinegar to add acidity, British Curry can create a traditional saucy dish or be added to any simmered, stewed or grilled meat, tofu or vegetable dish.
  • Hot Italian Spices: This spice blend represents a fusion of Italian flavors. Based upon recipes of Calabria and Sicily, the crossroads of ancient commerce and cuisine of the Mediterranean, Hot Italian Spice offers a rich herbal flavor with moderate chili heat that elevates the flavors of savory dishes. Use with pastas, on pizzas, with roasted vegetables, in burgers or wherever else you are inspired.
  • Ethiopian Berberé: This blend is a hot and flavorful mix of more than a dozen ingredients.  It can be used as a dry or wet rub on roasted meats or tofu.  Add it to stews and sauces for a bold and full flavor profile.  Subtle flavored dishes such as beans, lentils and potatoes will be transformed into a true delight.  This is a hot spice which can be used judiciously or with recklessness depending on your mood.
  • Oaxacan Adobo: A traditional chili based Mexican seasoning, fantastic as a dry spice rub or as a general spice blend.  It truly shines when combined with a bit of citrus juice or vinegar to make a marinade.  The flavor is a round and deep earthiness with moderate chili heat and fruitiness that will bring diners back for more.
  • Shepherd Herb Mix: This wonderful blend will enhance the flavor of any food.  It can be used to give just a hint of aromatics or added with abandon to bring a fresh and full herb profile to your food. Makes a great addition to ground meats, pasta dishes, and salad dressings.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: This is a rock salt from the Khewra salt mines of Pakistan. These 4.6 million year old salt deposits are thought to have been discovered by Alexander the Great’s horse in 320 BC when it started licking the ground during a rest stop. The salt contains many trace minerals along with sodium and chloride. The pink color is produced by trace amounts of iron oxide. Certified kosher by Earthkosher.

Did you know… Spices and herbs were used by ancient cultures for medicinal purposes, dyes and as flavor enhancers.  Around 650 BC, King Ashurbanipal commissioned a report on plants of Mesopotamia that included over 250 healing herbs and spices recorded on over 30,000 tablets.  It is believed to be the largest library of ancient times and includes many of the spices we commonly use today including: turmeric, garlic, cumin, ginger, saffron, sumac, sesame, cardamom, thyme and coriander.

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British Curry, Italian Spices, Oaxacan Adobo, Ethiopian Berberé, Sheperd Mix, Himalayan Pink Salt


2.8 oz


Certified USDA organic, certified kosher, gluten free, no GMOs, no preservatives, no anti-caking or flow agents, reusable tins. Tin size 3” x 2”.

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