Terrafunga is excited to offer its customers the entire line of Host Defense® supplement capsules formulated by founder Paul Stamets—mycologist and author of six books on mushroom cultivation and identification, including the definitive text Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms.  These dietary supplements are the finest available on the market today and are certified organic, sustainably cultivated, grown and processed in the US, backed by scientific research and are non-GMO project verified & Bee Friendly™.

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Why choose Host Defense® supplements? 

  1. Grown in the US – Mushrooms used in the supplements are grown near the Olympic Rainforest using the highest quality labs, growing environments and manufacturing methods.  No co-mingling or adulteration.  Purity testing batch to batch.
  2. Maintain chain of custody – Paul Stamets and his skilled team grow every single mushroom in every product. There is no other mushroom supplement company that has such complete control over their raw materials.
  3. Sustainably cultivated – When sourcing mushrooms from the pristine Olympic rainforest, the Host Defense® team leaves the habitat and original mushroom intact and undisturbed. Only a small sample is required and taken for growing in the laboratories at the farm.  Host Defense® methods protect the native habitat.
  4. Certified organic – Host Defense is a certified organic food producer and processor.  Organic certificates are available upon request. Note that no capsules available to the industry are certified organic; thus Host Defense cannot claim 100% organic, although their ingredients and processes are 100% certified organic.
  5. Supervision by Paul Stamets, P.Sc. – Paul Stamets is the world leader in functional food mushroom research whose books are recognized as the standards of the mushroom cultivating industry.
  6. Preserved  genetic integrity – Host Defense® mushrooms are genetic matches to species found in the wild.  They are able to ensure this integrity by following a method developed by Paul Stamets called Certified P Value®.  P Value® is a scientific system of measuring the generational age of each species to preserve genetic strength, and is key to providing fungal strains with the greatest efficacy and vitality.  Host Defense® produces mushrooms of exceptional genetic strength and integrity, close to their wild origins which means the active constituents are at very high levels.
  7. Peak performance – Each mushroom species has a narrow window when active constituents are at their highest volume.  With over 35 years of experience, Paul Stamets knows the precise harvest time for each species for maximum activity and efficacy.  At their optimal rate of growth, the mushroom-forming mycelium are flash-frozen, capturing a full spectrum of constituents at peak performance.
  8. Prebiotics for the microbiome – Host Defense® products contain the active enzymes fungi have evolved to digest plants.  The specific prebiotic compounds present in the supplements are extracellular digestive enzymes (cellulases, laccases, beta-glucanases, mannanases etc.) Freeze-drying allows the enzymes to be captured that would otherwise be lost during other drying methods.
  9. Proper mushroom lifecycle – The mushroom life cycle consists of mycelium, fruiting bodies, and spores.  The mycelium is the immune system of the mushroom.™  The fruiting body is the reproductive stage. Spores represent seeds for regeneration and are in every Host Defense® product that contains fruit bodies.  Depending on the species and the intended use, Host Defense® utilizes a unique combination of the life stages.
  10. Clinical and in vitro studies – Host Defense® Turkey Tail was chosen for a NIH (National Institutes of Health) study for supporting immune system health.  Clinical studies show Host Defense® Chaga is superior in antioxidant effects, protecting DNA from free radicals (which cause oxidative stress damage).Of more than 200,000 samples submitted, Host Defense® Agarikon demonstrated the most activity of all natural products in the Bioshield Biodefense Program administered by the Department of Defense and NIH.
  11. Recommended by experts – Host Defense® products are chosen by physicians, naturopaths and other practitioners for efficacy with their patients.

The Capsules:
Host Defense® Mushroom Capsules are made with Certified Organic, freeze-dried, non-GMO mushroom mycelium/fruitbodies, encased in a plant-based capsule made from pullulan.

Pullulan, a non-GMO, naturally-fermented polysaccharide polymer, is starch-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.  Pullulan capsules are known for their high-oxygen impermeability which is particularly advantageous to the encapsulation of product that may be sensitive to oxidation.


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